Submit Your Pictures
  Send us comments or pictures of your own Woodie Car

Send us a picture of you and your own Woodie or other favorite Hot Wheels car and we'll add it to the Friends Of Woodie gallery.

You can forward your pictures as email attachments and send them to:

HINT: your picture title on the website will be the same as the name you give the picture file.

For instance, if you send in "me and my best pal woodie.jpg" then "me and my best pal woodie" will appear as the Title above your picture when it's added to the Gallery.

Try to keep your file names short or they will wrap into multiple lines that may be hard to read. And make sure you leave spaces between the words 

A good example to follow is on this page: CELEBRITIES

After we receive your photo it will be reviewed and once approved, it will be posted on the website.

Please allow 72 hours for us to review your photo and upload it to the "Friends" gallery.

And thanks for being one of Woodie's new friends.